Upendra Nath Brahma College
Upendra Nath Brahma College
[Affiliated to G.U. and Recognised by U.G.C., New Delhi (HRD under Section 2(F) & 12(B)]

Offering major courses in almost all the subjects at the undergraduate level both in Arts and Commerce, Upendra Nath Brahma college is now recognizably a large institution of higher learning. The college emphasises in imparting quality education to the students to instill them with confidence in order to face the new challenges of the time. It has a clear mission to make the students socially and morally responsible citizens and prepare them to act as active agents in Nation Building process. The college attempts to make the students understand the value of education in present situation and prepare them physically, socially, morally and educationally fit in every sphere of their future life.

college has a clear vision to emerge as a centre of excellence in imparting quality and value-based education to the younger generation by facilitating them to generate employment opportunities in diverse fields and nurturing an honest and responsible citizenry.

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