The college firmly believes in discipline and act upon the principles of discipline. Discipline and punctuality are the only way of success. It is mandatory for each and every students to follow the prescribed disciplines and decorum of the college.
I. Use of mobile or cell phones during Class hours by students is strictly prohibited.
II. Students having 75% or more class attendance shall only be allowed to appear in their respective final Semester examinations.
III. Ragging is "human rights abuse in essence". All forms of ragging in the College campus are prohibited. Strong disciplinary action will be taken if any one is found to be involved directly or indirectly in ragging.
IV. Students must carry valid identity cards in the College hours.
V. Consumption of Gutkha, Pan masala or any other intoxicants is strictly prohibitted in the College campus.

Violation of rules, irregular attendance, showing discourtesy to teachers and staff members in any form, adoption of unfair means during examination, delinquent behaviour in the College campus or outside, etc. are some of the offences which may invite disciplinary action like termination of scholarship, compulsory transfer and even expulsion from the College


The idea of imposing uniform to the students is inspired by the instittion's initiative in inspiring a sense of brotherhood and togetherness among the students community. It is always hoped that the uniform will foster a sense of oneness and feeling of 'unity in diversity' among the students creed. The college has a separate uniform code for both the boys and girls students of the college. From the present academic session the college has introduced necktie and shoe as compulsory as per the request of the students.


(i) Wearing of college uniform by the students even during ceremonies and functions organised in the college campus is compulsory.

(ii) Proper codes of colour will be entertained at the college office.

(iii) Casual/ fancy dresses under any circumstances will not be allowed inside the college campus.

(iv) Wearing of Leggings by girls is strictly prohibited.

(v) Wearing of Low hips pants by boys is strictly prohibited.

(vi) Students are free to ware any formal dress other than the college uniform every Thursday.

(vii) Wearing of Navy-Blue Sweater during winter days is compulsory.

Students Identity Card

Students’ are issued the college Identity Card annualy. Old Identity Card is to be surrendered by each student at the end of every academic session for renewal. It is mandatory for all the students to carry the College Identity Card during class hours and at the time of disbursement of their Scholarships. The College authority reserves the right to issue a duplicate identity card in case of loss/damage of the original card on payment of necessary fees by the students.

Students Aid Fund

With a view to assist the poor and meritorious students of the college, a Students’Aid Fund has been created by taking a minimum contribution of fees from the students at the time of admission. The college authority after careful scruitiny of all the applications submitted by the students arrives at those, as to who shall be given the assistance. This however, depends on the availability of the fund position of the college.