Principal's Desk

On retrospect, I am reminded of the establishment of Upendro Nath Brahma College ,which came into existence in the year 2001,thanks to the efforts ond contribution of the academia of the area and stakeholders of the college who made 11 possible with their conviction and confidence to establish it as an institution of higher education in the area. The college passed through tough phases in the beginning and gradually became a leading institution through its experiments and enriched experiences.We have gradually been able to expand different range of courses both in Arts & Commerce to cater to the emerging needs of students,enabling them lo meet the present competitive challenges. The college has already overcome considerable material limitations,but still 11 has a long way to go as our attempt is to continuously upgrade ourselves . We are confident of achieving our goal with the collective effort of our learned faculty members ; non -teaching staff; students;parents and all those who tirelessly work behind the scene. I welcome the prospective students to enroll themselves under different disciplines of their choice and equip themselves with rich experience imbibed through their on and off class interface with our enlightened faculty members; well equipped library and other facilities. Freshers bring strength and vitality to the life of a college. I heartily welcome them all and look forward to their achievements and attainments in the larger sphere of their life

Dr. Nilpadmini Rabha, Principal

Upendra Nath Brahma College
Kajalgaon, Chirang. BTAD (Assam) •783385