Anti Ragging Measures

As per the order of the Honrble Supreme Court and recommendations of R.K. Raghaban Committee, the College authority has constituted one Anti-Ragging Committee followed by Anti-Ragging Squad as a preventive measure for prevention of ragging in the College Campus

Anti-Ragging Committee

Chairman            Ms.Nilpadmini Rabha (Principal)

Convenor            Dr. Akbor Hussain

Co-convenor       Mr. Pranjit Brahma

do                         Ms. Rita Devi

do                         Mr. Pritiprasun Debnath

do                         Mr. Thaitan Pulgoyary

do                         All HODs, of all Depts.

do                         President/Secretary, UNBCSUS

Anti-Ragging Squad

Mr. Kumud Narzary ( vice-principal) Convenor

Mr. Dhananjay Roy Medhi  Member

Ms. Shibika Basumatary  do

Mr. Bhadreswar Basumatary  do

Mr. Biswajit Basumatary  do

Mr. Nasirul Hoque  do

Mr. Anthony Basumatary  do

Mr. Mantu Boro  do

Mr. Suddhadev Brahma  do

UNBCSUS Memebers  do

Nature of Punishment

The R.K. Raghavan Committee recommended for the following punishments to be imposed if any student is found to be indulged or provocating ragging to the freshers of the College in and around the College campus:
a. Suspension from attending classes
b. Rustication from the College
c. Expulsion from the College.