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Upendra Nath Brahma College, popularly known as U.N. Brahma College, the leading educational Institution of Lower Assam as well as in Bodoland Territorial Council was founded in 2001 after the name of ‘Father of Bodo Upendra Nath Brahma’, with the noble ambition of bringing higher education within the reach of common people. Geographically the college is situated on the Southern side of the NH 27, Jaoliabari, at 26.516687 degree Latitude and 90.503699 degree Longitude.

This is the only full-fledged degree college in the area of Kajalgaon, the district headquarters of Chirang.  Since the establishment the College has been effectively catering to the need of Higher Education in Chirang and its neighboring districts. The College promises to provide Quality Education for the young generation of the area. In order to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people and to transform the college into a centre of excellence the Govt. of Assam has granted the college a concurrence in the year 2005 and later received its final affiliation from Gauhati University. The College has also been recognised by UGC New Delhi, Ministry of HRD under section 2 (F) and 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956.

After 20 years of its establishment the college has been provincialized in the year 2021. Now the college is moved to Bodoland University and affiliated under it as per BTC Govt. order. Today the college offers Three Years Degree (TDC) in two streams: Humanities or Arts and Commerce.

History/ background of the college:

Upendra Nath Brahma College, shortly known as U.N. Brahma College

Kajalgaon once a sleepy hamlet of Assam, shot into sudden prominence when it was declared a district headquarter of Chirang as a result of the formation of Bodoland Territorial Council in the year 2003. At the time when the society was taken over poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, superstition and other negative immoral activities, it is the selfless and untiring efforts of some enthusiastic intellectuals, educationists, social workers and common people of the locality to realized the urgency of the need of an ideal educational institution. As a result, the college was established after the name of Upendra Nath Brahma, the father of the Bodos’, for realizing his dreams, aspirations and philosophies to be a noble being. Hence as a result, today the society has owned this only Institution of Higher Education in Kajalgaon.

Many people of the area have sacrificed and took pain to bring this college into existence. At the starting the College is uniquely privileged to have the first Principal Dr. Denanath Basumatary who have devoted his service for gear up the institution from grass level and made many sacrifices to bring the college a worthy institution of higher learning. The college equally privileged to have series of governing body members who have worked hard to bring this college in today’s scenario. The first President of the college Governing body was Late Karen Chandra Brahma, an educationist, social worker, brutally honest personality of the area who has dedicated his life till his last breath. After Him the college has its second President Sri Chandan Brahma, social worker and dynamic leader. In post Provincialisation through a general meeting, the present members of outgoing governing body and local public have selected its third president Dr. Denanath Basumatary Rtd. Director of CUDC of B.U. as per Govt. OM No AHE.371/2017//22; dtd. 18/8/2017 and instruction from Director of Education vide letter No. BTC/EDN-01/2019-20/PT-1/29, dtd 15th June 2021.

The College emphasises on the man-making education which will produce morally upright, intellectually competent and spiritually guided future citizens of our great country.

Mission and Vision​

Our mission is to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and values they need to be successful.

Offering major courses in almost all the subjects at the undergraduate level both in Arts and Commerce, Upendra Nath Brahma college is now recognizably a large institution of higher learning. The college emphasizes in imparting quality education to the students to instill them with confidence in order to face the new challenges of the time. It has a clear mission to make the students socially and morally responsible citizens and prepare them to act as active agents in Nation Building process. The college attempts to make the students understand the value of education in present situation and prepare them physically, socially, morally and educationally fit in every sphere of their future life.

The college has a clear vision to emerge as a centre of excellence in imparting quality and value-based education to the younger generation by facilitating them to generate employment opportunities in diverse fields and nurturing an honest and responsible citizenry.