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As a part of our Departments, you can expect a unique blend of academic, social and professional resources to help you graduate with the skills you need to find success in your life after college.

Department of History

Mr. Biswajit BasumataryM.A., B.Ed., SET, (HOD) Mr. Redian NarzaryM.A., M.Phil, SET Mr. Anthoni NarzaryM.A.

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Department of English

Dr. Akbor HussainM.A., B.Ed, L.L.B., M.Phil, Ph.D.( Head of the Department) Mr. Manikya Giri BasumataryM.A.,…

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Department of Economics

Mr. Dhananjay Roy MedhiM.A., M.Phil, (HOD) Ms. Kabita ChoudhuryM.A., M.Phil. Mr. Suddhadev BrahmaM.A., SET Ms….

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Department of Bodo

Mr. Kumud NarzaryM.A., M.Phil, NET, (Head of the Department) Ms. Shibika BasumataryM.A., M.Phil, SET, NET…

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Department of Assamese

Ms. Nirupoma MoshaharyM.A., M.Phil, (Head of the Department) Ms. Bandana BoroM.A., M.Phil, SET Ms. Portia…

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