In pursuance the Guidelines of Affiliated University and for conducting Examinations smoothly the Principal of Upendra Nath Brahma College, Kajalgaon, Chirang is pleased to constitute the Exam Committee for one year duration along with the following members:

Examination Committee

1.Dr. Dino Nath BasumataryPresident
2.Dr. Nilpadmini RabhaPrincipal, Secretary cum OC.
3.Mr. Karde NarzaryAccountant
4.Mr. Ananda BrahmaSenior Assistant
5.Mr. Prahlad BasumataryDealing Assistant, Exam
11.Dr. Nizwara Basumatary, Asst.Prof, Dept. of Political Science Member


1.Dr. Johnson DaimaryMedical Officer
2.Dhaligaon Post OfficePost Master
3.Dhaligaon Police StationO/C

1st Year AOC

1.Mrs. Rinkumoni BorahAsst. Professor, Dept. of Philosophy
2.Dr. Nasirul HoqueAsst. Professor, Dept. of Pol. Science
3.Ms Dipanwita BasumataryAsst. Professor, Dept. of Management

Office Assistants

1.Mr. Nirmal BasumataryLibrary Assistant
2.Mrs Jipilika BasumataryGrade IV
3.Saniram BasumataryGrade IV

2nd Years AOC

1.Mr. Bhadreswar BasumataryAsst. Professor, Bodo.
2.Mr. Kandam Rabha,Asst. Professor, Dept. of Philosophy
3.Mrs. Hemlota KhakhlaryAsst. Professor, Dept. of Bodo

Office Assistants

1.Mr. Narayan BasumataryAsst. Librarian.
2.Ms. Niki Christie RayIT Asst
3.Mr. Nirmal BasumataryGrade IV

3rd Years AOC

1.Dr. Akbor HussainAsst. Professor, Dept. of English
2.Mr. Dhananjay R MedhiAsst. Professor, Dept. of Economics
3.Mr. Fakan BrahmaAsst. Professor, Commerce

Office Assistants

1.Mr. Birlang BoroJunior Assistant
2.Mr. Akhil Ch. NarzaryGrade IV
3.Mr.  Ranjit MandalGrade IV

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